Inspired by the Southwestern landscape and the idea of mindful over mass production, Desert Hide was created out of a love for modern and rustic design.

The intention of the Desert Hide collection is to create timeless pieces that will be used for decades by utilizing quality materials and simple design. Each piece is hand constructed by artists and co-founders Kelly and Jack Cornell. 


Artists with passions for high quality design and craftsmanship.


Kelly and Jack Cornell met in art school where they both thrived in the world of fine art. Each continued in the art of making and developed their passions for leather and functionality. Each piece is uniquely designed with simple construction, yet beautiful detail. Their signature use of copper relates to the different mediums of printmaking, sculpture and drawing they work in when creating. 

The Desert Hide collection defines the passion of art, culture and style of both designers. The hand-constructed line is to be enjoyed and shared amongst those with a similar appreciation and passion for art & design with the cultural elements of modern and rustic design influences.